Why should i go to tampa?

Expect to have a great time Florida's cities are optimized for fun and relaxation, and Tampa is no exception. There are amusement parks, golf courses, water sports and miles of beaches. Life is oriented around water and good weather, and there are downtown areas built around restaurants, shops and entertainment. One of the reasons to visit Tampa is that there are many beautiful beaches.

Beach bums rejoice that Tampa is THE place to be if going to the beach is their favorite pastime. Conveniently, there are plenty of fabulous beaches within a 30-minute drive of downtown Tampa. All the beaches have soft white sand and enjoy the warm and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is an attractive place for apartment renters because there are no state income taxes or wealth taxes in Florida.

In addition, the combined tax rate for Tampa is currently 8.5%, thanks in part to Florida's low state tax of 6%. Florida is a popular resort, and as a result, there are plenty of travel options available if you need to get around quickly. If you need to travel out of state for a business trip or to visit your family, Tampa International Airport is close by. Another thing Tampa Bay is known for is its unparalleled collection of golf courses.

Thanks to Tampa's warm weather and beautiful scenery, golf is a popular pastime here, and there are plenty of great places to visit if you want to play an 18-hole round. Not only is Florida one of the best states for military retirees, but Tampa itself is one of the best cities for veterans. The absence of state income taxes means there are no military pension taxes, and there are several VA facilities throughout the Tampa Bay area. In addition, MacDill Air Force Base is located in South Tampa, with unique local landmarks such as the American Victory Ship Museum %26 and Veterans Memorial Park that honor Tampa veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

With all of this, it's no surprise that the Tampa area is home to more than 21,000 veterans. Looking for fun things to do in Tampa with kids? Ride the Cobra's Curse roller coaster, watch cheetahs and elephants in their habitats, or catch a live show with musicians, ice skaters or acrobats at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Enjoy everything from alligators and manatees to orangutans and giraffes at ZooTampa at Lowry Park. Spot sharks in the aquarium, take a cruise with wild dolphins, or get up close and personal with penguins at The Florida Aquarium in the English Channel District.

Visit the Idea Zone, Dinnovations Lab and The Saunders Planetarium exhibits while learning more about science and technology at the Museum of Science %26 Industry (MOSI) in Terrace Park. Get creative with painting, glide down a fire pole and build robots at the Glazer Children's Museum in downtown Tampa. Or go to the batting cages, play arcade games and challenge the kids to a go-kart race at the Tampa Grand Prix. Tampa's Best Neighborhoods for Retirees Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Tampa Best Neighborhoods in Tampa for Singles %26 Young Professionals.

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