Why do people want to live in tampa?

The lack of income taxes makes living here quite affordable, and people love the sunny weather. Not to mention that local attractions and beaches are also very attractive to people from out of state. The cost of living in Tampa is reasonable when you consider what you get for the money. For those of us who want to live close to the beach, buying a home in Tampa can make that dream come true without needing a six-figure income.

Listen, Tampa is one of those cities that you never want to leave when you're visiting. That's probably why so many people flock to the city. Do you find strangers at the grocery store smiling for no apparent reason? Or maybe you get caught off guard when that woman in the park tries to strike up a conversation. If you're from another region of the country, you might wonder what's going on or even feel a little uncomfortable.

Don't worry, you haven't entered the country of Night Vale, the home of the sci-fi comedy podcast. People in Tampa Bay tend to be friendly. I attribute it to a combination of sunny weather and the influence of Southern hospitality. Just enjoy and move on.

Although it can take you a little out of your comfort zone, you don't want locals to think you're rude.

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