Which side of florida has the best fishing?

Clearwater could be Florida's fishing capital because it has an abundance and variety of fish, including pigfish, grouper and kingfish. As for coastal fishing, I would say that both coasts are the same, except that the west coast has more “open field”. However, when it comes to East versus West in deep-sea fishing, the East Coast definitely wins. The main reason for this is that the Gulf Stream is located off the east coast and the water is getting much deeper and much faster south of Stuart.

Therefore, it is not necessary to run so far from the coast to reach the fish, which are usually pelagic. Biscayne Bay and New Smyrna Beach are popular places for fishing along Florida's Atlantic coast. Islamorada is also a great place. And of course, there are the famous Florida Keys.

Most towns and cities in Florida have access to a marina or pier. You should also consider fishing on Florida's Gulf Coast. Florida's beautiful and extensive Gulf Coast offers an excellent, if slightly different, fishing experience. Florida's Atlantic side experiences strong currents, larger waves, and slightly stronger winds on average than the Florida Gulf side.

From the fan-favorite red snapper to different types of grouper, Destin embodies it all in a Florida fishing town. But, unfortunately, choosing a favorite Florida coast for fishing is like choosing a favorite kid: you can't do it. Popular fishing spots on Florida's Atlantic coast include Biscayne Bay, New Smyrna Beach, Islamorada and, of course, the famous Florida Keys. That said, just about any city or town in Florida with a beach will have access to a marina, a pier, or some type of fishing boat rental business.

Many Floridians have their own boats, and many people from other places tow or sail their boats to Florida to take advantage of the spectacular fishing offered by this state. Whether you're looking for a quiet city with a relaxed atmosphere or a bustling city full of nightlife and activities, you'll find what you're looking for in one of Florida's many fishing villages. Deep in the Florida Keys, almost halfway to the Bahamas, lies the small fishing town of Islamorada. So, once again, Florida's coastlines are even: anglers will find these challenging fish on both sides of the peninsula.

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