What fish are in season in tampa?

The best times to fish in Tampa %26 St. Petersburg are from May to early September to fish for mackerel, grouper, sabalo, bass and redfish. Winter is often the slowest fishing season in these coastal waters. Available all year round; the best time is from summer to early September.

In April, the captain of the Tampa Bay charter boat, Matt Ercoli, will have to make a lot of decisions, such as in which direction to start, what to fish, on the coast or on the high seas, on the plains or tarpon. It's hot everywhere, and any type of fish that can be caught in the area is available this time of year. Offshore fishing smokes as quickly as fishing on plains. Captain Matt's charters are feeding huge schools of kingfish of all sizes.

In the chum slick, grouper, snapper, mackerel, false albacore, the dorado, the barracuda, the Amberjack, the sharks and the grouper Goliath are mixed. On some charter ships, the captain sees a dead albacore or mackerel that is dropped on a 200-pound tackle, and the bait doesn't even reach the bottom before placing the hook on a 200-pound Goliath mere. Some of these same reefs can also have great fishing permits, and the larger ones can weigh 40 pounds. Captain Matt has even caught some Sailfish this time of year.

Offshore fishing can also be red-hot, but just as good is fishing on the plains. The bass and the redhead are everywhere this month in all sizes. There are monster trout up to 30 inches long mixed with them. Resident tarpon feed more as their metabolism heats up.

A giant cobia can still be found in the shallow bars along the plains. Can you recommend a good fishing spot where snakes and alligators aren't a problem for children? If you need more information, we have pages on tarpon fishing in Fort Myers and Sanibel, although they focus more on fishing from a boat. It's no secret that the “Big Three” attract the most attention of visiting anglers eager to explore Tampa Bay's coastal fisheries. At the top of the list, spotted trout is probably the most abundant sportfish in all of Tampa Bay.

Fishermen often catch sheep's heads, snapper, grunt, black drum, ladybug and, occasionally, trout, bass and redfish. It's a good month for bass and redfish in the plains, with some big trout mixed with them. You can also fish tarpon in plain sight in the backwaters of the bay and around the bridges in the area. It can also be quite good.

For bass lovers who prefer to avoid the summer heat, night fishing is a very productive alternative. Although it's not the best season for tarpon, El Capitan has caught up to 10 adult tarpon on one day in March. Before launching your line in the abundant Tampa Bay, it's important to familiarize yourself with local fishing regulations. When the temperature of the Gulf's central water begins to stay above 70 degrees, kingfish begin to move in it.

This way, you can get to the best fishing spots in the area, but for a fraction of the cost. If you're looking for the ultimate fishing experience, there are 200-pound beasts swimming around the bay in summer. Captain Matt changes the configuration of his boat to catch huge schools of tarpon on the spot, because that is what he will spend more than 90 percent of his days over the next three months.

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