What fish are biting in tampa bay now?

Grouper and red snapper are biting, but quite far from the coast. Closer by, you can find lots of mackerel, tuna, permit, barracuda and shark. The best fishing times for Tampa %26 Saint Petersburg are from May to early September for king mackerel, grouper, permit, shad, snook, and redfish. Winter is often the slowest fishing season in these coastal waters.

Kayakers can go through the thickets of mangroves and cross the thinnest waters in search of impressive fish. Compared to the fishing charter, you might be a little limited in terms of location, but hey, you won't spend a dime. Even if you're in the mood to chase monsters on the high seas, you can book a deep sea fishing trip and go find your next trophy. With two main bays, Tampa Bay and the smaller Old Tampa Bay, there is plenty of inshore fishing available.

The island is located right on the edge of where Tampa Bay meets the Gulf, giving you plenty of opportunities for coastal and marine fishing in the area. If you are casting in larger waters, using a heavy surf setup with a live bait fish will produce plenty of fish for you, if you plan to fish in smaller locations, a lighter configuration can work great for species such as bass or smaller snapper. If you're fishing in the canal, tides and time of day will have less of an impact, but if you're closer to shore, try to avoid high sun and low tide. The area may seem intimidating at first with all those spots, but wherever you go, you won't be far from catching a fish.

We could also give you a reason or two to put Tampa Bay fishing at the top of this year's bucket list. This way, you can reach the best fishing spots in the area, but for a fraction of the cost. As for Cortez fishing spots, the Cortez Road Bridge and Bridge Street Pier are a local favorite. Night fishing in this area can be a great experience, the fish are very active in the bay due to all the artificial light.

The huge shad will begin spawning in Tampa Bay in early May and will remain there until mid-to late July. Lots of Spanish mackerel, tuna, grouper, snapper, sharks, goliath grouper, sometimes some permit, which can also reach 40 pounds, are available for a fisherman to improve his fishing day.

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