Is tampa a boring place to live?

Review of Tampa, Florida Tampa is really, quite boring. The cost of living is moderately low, but wages are also low. The weather is pleasant during autumn, winter and spring, but horribly hot and unbearably humid during the summer. I've enjoyed Tampa's nightlife and music scene much more than South Florida, and overall I think Tampa has a lot of beauty.

Tampa can be a challenge for commuters, especially those who work on different sides of the bridge that separates Tampa from St. College-age students have dozens of valuable options in Tampa, including the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. In addition to the added expense of paying Homeowners' Association fees, many of them are too aggressive in their Tampa tactics. One of the best things you can do for yourself while living in Tampa is to stay as active as your favorite sports players.

Experts recently told the Tampa Bay Times that newcomers moving to Tampa Bay from more expensive cities are driving up costs here. It drives some locals crazy (especially my husband), but “Tampa has become shorthand for the entire Tampa Bay metropolitan area. Amenities in Tampa are also family-friendly, including the beach, boating, and lots of amazing parks. Once you've decided to move to Tampa, the next part is more about planning your move to make it as smooth as possible.

If you prefer to save some money and want a more peaceful way to spend your time outdoors, visit one of more than 150 parks in the Tampa area. If you're moving to Tampa from the north, there's one thing you need to get used to quickly: humidity. The school is known for its competitive application process, as it is one of the only private schools in Tampa. Named after Jose Gaspar, a totally mythical pirate known as “the last of the buccaneers”, Gasparilla has been attracting partygoers ever since a newspaper columnist and city promoter conspired to create the celebration in 1904 as a way to promote Tampa.

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